7 Common SEO Questions from Perth Businesses

7 Common Questions from Perth Businesses That Are Considering SEO

“What is SEO? Will SEO work for my business? Is it worth hiring an SEO agency? What will an SEO agency do? Are there good and bad methods of SEO? How do I tell them apart? How long does SEO take to start working?”

After ten years of helping Perth businesses to implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies, Net Search has heard and answered just about every question you can imagine relating to SEO!

And while we still get the occasional atypical question, we find many Perth businesses that are considering SEO are just looking for simple answers to these 7 common questions:

  1. Will SEO work for my business?
  2. Does every business need SEO?
  3. What will SEO do for my business?
  4. Is it worth hiring an SEO agency?
  5. What services will a good SEO agency offer?
  6. What SEO ‘red flags’ should I be wary of?
  7. How long does SEO take to start working?

Despite the wealth of information now available about SEO, these important questions often get overlooked in online tutorials or explained in such detail that you’re left more confused than when you started.

So, to provide some clarity for Perth business owners, Net Search has put together simple answers to all 7 of these important questions.

Will SEO Work for My Business?

Yes. Regardless of what kind of business you’re running, if you have an online presence then SEO can definitely work for you. But (and this is an important ‘but’) only when it’s correctly implemented and kept up to date.

Because SEO tactics are constantly adapting to keep up with the latest algorithm changes, an unmonitored SEO strategy can quickly become outdated.

But with a well-planned and carefully monitored SEO campaign, your business will enjoy a consistent boost of organic website traffic, which will result in an ever-increasing number of qualified leads.

Does Every Business Need SEO?

Yes, if they want to succeed and grow in an age of technology. It’s reported that approximately 93% of online consumers begin by using a search engine, but according to varying estimates, 71-92% of these users will never go beyond the first page of search results.

So, if your business isn’t showing up on the first page, the chance of a potential customer even seeing your listing is less than 8%. The chances of them actually clicking through to your website is even smaller.

A study by German tech company Sistrix found that the average click-through rate for a #1 Google ranking is about 28%, but that this falls to just 2.5% by the time you scroll down to the #10 listing.

  1. What Will SEO Do for My Business? A solid SEO strategy works on several different levels, improving the online visibility of your business while simultaneously enhancing the user experience. It does this by:
  • Making your website easier to find:
    A website that has been optimised will rank higher with search engines, making it easier for the customer to find your business.
  • Making your website more user friendly:
    Websites rank higher when they contain useful information that is easy to navigate through. The more engaging the content, the better the user experience.
  • Making your website more appealing to locals:
    SEO uses location citations to appeal directly to a local audience. This means that when people in your local area are searching for the products or services you offer, they’re more likely to be directed straight to your business.

Is It Worth Hiring an SEO Agency?

If you want long-term and measurable results, then ‘yes’.

Theoretically, you can attempt to optimise your business website without hiring a professional, but there’s a reason why most local businesses will choose to work with a Perth SEO agency.

SEO is a highly complex industry that is constantly evolving. A DIY SEO strategy will require a lot of time, money and effort and is likely to only deliver sub-par results.

Most marketing managers quickly realise that working with an SEO agency is a more cost-effective and advantageous option.

What Services Will A Good SEO Agency Offer?

A comprehensive SEO service should always begin with an in-depth assessment of your current online presence and any previously implemented SEO strategies.

Thorough research will be carried out to determine which keywords are most likely to generate results with your target audience and in your particular industry.

This will then be followed by recommendations on how the existing process can be improved, both in terms of backend programming and online content.

Once the initial phase has been implemented, a good SEO agency will deliver regular reports showing how your website is ranking and will make continual minor adjustments, as needed.

Clear and honest communication is a vital factor and should be evident right throughout this process.

What SEO ‘Red Flags’ Should I Be Wary Of?

The internet is littered with online SEO agencies offering ambitious SEO promises for what seems like a pittance.

This is where the adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” becomes relevant.

There are many underhanded SEO tactics that unscrupulous businesses will offer to unsuspecting clients, things such as:

  • Meta keyword stuffing (using so many keywords the text no longer makes sense)
  • Hidden keywords (overuse of keywords that are disguised the same colour as the background)
  • Link farms (bulk purchasing vast quantities of links)
  • Deceptive headlines (using headings that aren’t related to the content available)
  • Copying content from your competitors (AKA, plagiarism)

What many businesses may not be aware of is that search engines are actively on the lookout for these kinds of SEO tactics and will heavily penalise any website that they catch engaging in them. Put simply, it’s never worth the risk.

How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?

 Remember that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, so you’re unlikely to see a sudden sharp peak in sales. Rather, the goal is to see a steady and continuous rise in website traffic.

How long this takes will depend on if you have a new or existing website, whether or not you’ve previously used SEO tactics and what kind of content you already have available that can be published on your website.

The best way to get an accurate estimate of timing is to talk with an experienced SEO agency.

If you have additional questions relating to SEO then the team at Net Search would love to hear from you. Our experienced account managers would be happy to talk you through the entire SEO process and explain exactly how beneficial SEO could be for your Perth business.

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