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I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘mobile-friendly’ before, but what does it mean?

At its base level, mobile-friendly means that your website’s information is readily accessible across all of the different platforms, in particular, on much smaller screens such as smartphones and tablets.

This means that the website needs to work on all devices, it does not however, clarify that your site needs to work well on all devices- something our competitors take advantage of. Having a desktop website squeezed into a mobile screen may technically be ‘mobile friendly’, but to be honest it really isn’t, as the user experience sucks. A website that is truly mobile friendly is a website that delivers an effective, satisfying experience to users on all devices and it is this service we offer here at Net Search.

In short, a website design created to be a properly mobile-friendly site enhances a user’s experience and has a better chance of generating customer engagement and conversion to sales.

How we make our sites mobile friendly

We don’t just make our websites mobile friendly by making them responsive, we go the extra mile to ensure mobile-friendliness and good user experience across all devices.

When working on your website design it is important to realize that no one screen size has more than 20% of the market. Designing a website for one screen size is a mistake, as most users will be viewing it on something smaller or larger.

To accommodate this we consider how each design element will display on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile during the wire-framing, design and implementation phases of building a new website. This way we can ensure that the user experience is first-class no matter what device is viewing it.

Another important factor, especially on mobiles, is your website’s load speed- 57% of mobile customers will abandon a website if they need to wait 3 seconds for a page to load. At Net Search, we build our websites to be fast so users can quickly and easily access your site.

Is investing in mobile-friendly web design worth it?

Why mobile is important

What is the point of building a new website if doesn’t accommodate over 50% of its visitors? Mobile friendliness is absolutely essential to any website and is paramount to any digital advertising campaign.

Utilising the limited real estate of a mobile screen can be tricky and add extra work to a project, however the cost of not investing in developing a proper mobile-friendly interface is much higher.

You can check whether your website is mobile friendly here:

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Alex Mura
Alex MuraCorin Group
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James has an unbelievable level of customer service. I couldn't recommend him and the team at NetSearch higher. Extremely well priced services with great timelines. Very professional company and James is a true pleasure to work with
Natalie Gasmier
Natalie GasmierIconic Weddings
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The staff at NetSearch have been so easy to work with. They have been extremely responsive, are very personable and have delivered an excellent service and product on time.
Peter Easton
Peter EastonSynergy Undercarriage Components
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We found James to be highly competent. He understood exactly what we were looking for and translated that into the product we wanted in an efficient and timely manner. We would not hesitate to recommend him.
Jessica Kerr
Jessica KerrMining People International
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James & Jonathan are FANTASTIC. They are always happy to help & explain in simple terms what they can do or what you need to understand. I've learnt a lot from working with them both via Mining People International & would recommend them to anyone looking for honest, friendly & knowledgeable assistance.
AbdullahPremier Metals
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James & Jonathan are great blokes to deal with. Very professional and prompt service. I would recommend them for all kind of web developments and online marketing services.
Phil Hayter
Phil HayterApe Suspension
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Net search have been truly excellent by proving my company with top advice and quality service. Have no issues with them and they come highly recommended. Thanks Guys.
Ryan Hart
Ryan HartSell My Shares Australia
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Netsearch have been supremely effective with all online aspects of our business. James and Jonathan put in a tremendous effort to understand all components of your business and they have been excellent to deal with! We highly recommend their services.
Christine Wells
Christine WellsStirling Speach Pathology
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James has developed and regularly modified our website over the past 5+ years. At all times, he has listened carefully and come up with valuable ideas. We have been very happy with our website thanks to the work James has done!
Gareth Craddock
Gareth CraddockADP Store Fixtures
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Great team to work with. Flexible and accommodating, and have provided solutions for a wide variety of our website requirements. Pricing structure is also reasonable.

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