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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is broken down into two main categories: On-page SEO for all factors on the website, and off-page SEO for all factors outside of the website.

When we talk about off-page ranking factors, what we’re really talking about is your website’s backlinks. Google was the first search engine to look at backlinks as a way of establishing a website’s authority using their PageRank algorithm.

A backlink is basically a website that has a link on it that points to your website. When a website links to yours it signifies a ‘vote’ in your favor from the online community. If the website that links to you is a relevant and authoritative website for your topic, this vote is given even more weight. It signals to search engines that something of importance is on your website, and therefore it should be more prominent in organic search results.

Link building ranking factors

So if links help your website rank, why not build thousands and thousands of them from spam websites? Well, in the early days of the algorithm this is exactly what people did, and for a time it worked. Since then though, the algorithms have changed enough that this tactic will do nothing but get your website penalised.

Building links isn’t simply a case of getting as many as you can- one good link is better than one thousand bad links.

When getting a backlink from a site, the site needs to be contextually relevant to your website’s topic. It also needs to be a real website, not a spam site setup to farm links. The site needs to have its own strong backlink profile, and the less other websites the site you are getting a link from links to, the stronger the backlink.

Clearly sourcing quality backlinks is a tricky and time consuming process; this is where Net Search comes in. Our experience in SEO allows us to efficiently vet websites with our high quality standards so we only build the very best links for our clients.


We look at the backlink profile of your competition and perform a gap analysis.


Our team builds a long term plan to identify natural link building opportunities.


Links must be from trusted authority websites, a link from a low quality site will give little to no boost to your rankings.


We leverage a broad range of sites to find link building opportunities.

A better approach to off-page SEO

We custom build our link strategies for each client. This does not include link farms or other spammy SEO techniques. Our focus when building links is on quality and contextual relevance. Our link building methodology is built around the following key factors:

What makes us different

Our link building is focused on quality over quantity. This means that your site ranks from genuine links from real websites that have authority in your niche. Link building is the most time consuming part of SEO, but if done right, it is also the most powerful.

It’s important when using a Perth SEO agency for your link building that they understand how to build links in a sustainable and white hat way. Building links aggressively and from spam websites is likely to get your website penalised and cause a lot of problems for your site.

Our extensive experience in SEO gives us the necessary knowledge on how to run an effective off-page SEO campaign and deliver maximum results for our clients.

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