Today these days people never focus on changing their mattress. Because they fell like it is not necessary. We saw people stick to one mattress for more than 15 years. And this is a very serious issue. People these days never pay attention towards these things. According to some experts the mattress should be changed after every 10 years, but according to some the time span should be after 5 years.

Do buy a mattress

There are a lot of things you must know which will leave you with the thought of buying a new bed. If the rotation of tosses and turns are too much then this is a matter of tension. This is the peak time for you to think about changing your mattress. If you are facing the problem of back pain and shoulder pain then believe me at this time you should definitely buy a new mattress. The foam of the mattress also matters. So if your mattress has been lost its original shape and texture then change your mattress. Ask yourself all these questions and then go to a store for buying a new mattress according to your sleeping comfort.

Don’t buy mattress

If you are confused that you are suffering all the above stated problems, but your bed is just 3 to 4 years old then what to do. Let me clear your doubt, if your bed’s age is less than 5 years and you are suffering from problems like back pain and shoulder pain then there is no need to change the bed. You should consult a physician first for suggestions. If your bed is just 3 or 4 year old and it lost its shape then it the manufacturing issue, call the company from where you buy this for the complaint.

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